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Cutting & Grinding Fluids

Saw Service & Supply is proud to offer it's very own complete line of coolants for sawing, grinding, and general machining.  From water-soluble's  to oil-free synthetics we have what you need to get the job done right!


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Available in 5 or 55 Gallon

SS-525 Grinding Fluid
This is an oil freenitrite free, 
water extendable grinding fluid concentrate containing wetting agents for superior cooling and corrosion inhibitors.  This product offers excellent performance in most  grinding applications.

SS-508 Cutting & Grinding Fluid
This is a heavy-duty oil-free synthetic 
designed to offer outstanding 
EP performance.  This may be used 
on most any metals including steels, 
cast irons and aluminum. Great for 
grinding, turning and milling operations!

SS-522 Biostable Micro-
Emulsion Concentrate
This product is oil based 
designed to be water extendible 
for machining virtually all metals 
except magnesium.  Contains a chlorinated additive to promote 
extended tool life. Greatly 
diminishes "Monday Morning Odor"

SS-510 Water Soluble Cutting & Grinding Fluid
This is an all purpose product designed to be extended with water for all machining and grinding applications.

SS-A Clean
This is an all purpose cleaning 
fluid for cleaning and
removing odors.

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TW Fluid Products Group offers advanced fluid products and applicators for the metalworking industry. Natural-based Accu-Lube lubricants are formulated to provide superior performance, economy and safety.


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