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Proud to be an Authorized Distributor of quality sawing equipment.

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Model HFA-250W
Amada Cutting Technologies, has a full line of production, cut-off, and plate bandsawing machines designed to excel in the process of free machining materials to high-tech aerospace alloys.  Some special Amada features, depending on the machine, are:
  • a patented blade deviation monitor
  • notching capability
  • cutting rate indicator
  • planetary gear transmission
  • inverter blade speed control as well as fully
  • CNC capable machines with IC card capability to take the guesswork out of bandsawing operations and job management



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Founded in 1904, Armstrong-Blum Mfg. Co.
has been designing and manufacturing the highest quality metal cutting saws available.  Their reputation for innovation, and dependability is indisputable.

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Armstrong-Blums line of Spartan 
Metalworking Machinery & Tools includes:


  • Manual & semi-automatic 
    cold saws for steel and 
    non-ferrous metals.

  • High-speed, heavy-duty 
    production bandsaws.



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The original metal cutting bandsaw with the features and quality construction that assure long service, easy operation, and accurate cutting.  All saws feature precision ground beds and Wellsaw's patented "Rite Tension" for more precisely controlled cutting and longer blade life.  Made in America.